Congratulations 2015 State Champions


8U - Durant Pink Pirates

10U - Canute Trojanettes

12U - Stroud Lady Tigers

14U - Canute Trojanettes


Coach Pitch - Stilwell Bombers

Peewee - Noble Cubs

Midget - Woodward Travelers

Preps - Panama Boomers

State Tournament Teams

Congratulations on advancing to the OK Kids State Tournament.  Here is some information regarding the state tournaments:

1.  Coach Pitch State Tournament begins on Thursday - follow the bracket posted on the website.

2.  Peewee and Midget Teams - the pitching rule is being waived going into the state tournaments beginning Tuesday.  Most regionals finished on Sunday due to rain cancellations and we want every team to begin the tournament will all pitchers being eligible to pitch on Tuesday.

3.  The coaches meeting is mandatory and you will need to take copies of birth certificates to the meeting.


Rain Delays and Cancellations

Due to rain moving across the state, it would be best to contact the local tournament directors before traveling to the regional tournament.  Phone numbers can be found on each regional bracket.  The tournament directors will have the most accurate information regarding game delays and cancellations.  If the days and times need to change due to rain, the tournament directors will be working with the OK Kids office to make the best situation for each age group and location.    

Regional Baseball Brackets Are Posted

Regional Tournament brackets are posted under the Play-Off tab.  The brackets are set and will not be changed for any reason.  Brackets were determined based on information submitted to the OK Kids office.  We did our best to accomodate the requests given to the OK Kids office.  However, some teams were placed at sites other than the first choice submitted.  This was done to balance the number of teams in each tournament as well as the league qualifiers and at-large berth teams in each tournament.  We have confidence in our tournament directors and feel that each site will provide an exceptional experience for your team.  We will not take calls regarding bracket placement or location.  If for some reason your team cannot attend, please notify the OK Kids office by email at and we will try to find a replacement team.  If you have specific questions regarding your tournament please contact the tournament director of your tournament.  They can give you more accurate information regarding location, hotels, admission cost for games, t-shirt orders, etc.  

Coaches:  You will not receive an individual coach's packet this year.  All the information is posted on each tournament page.  You will be required to attend a mandatory coaches' meeting and submit copies of birth certificates.  The day, time, and location is listed on the website for each tournament.

Prep Tournament:  We did not have enough team to hold Prep Regionals.  The 8 teams playing in the play-offs will attend the Prep State Tournament July 14-18 in Woodward.

The OK Kids office will be closed until Monday, June 29.  We will be available to answer questions at that time.  You may email your questions to the OK Kids office at


2015 State Softball Tournaments

State softball brackets and other information can be found under the playoffs tab. Packets will not be mailed and all information can be downloaded .

Softball State Tournament Information

  • The brackets for the OK Kids State Softball Tournaments will be posted Saturday evening.  
  • All league qualifiers and at-large teams must be submitted to the OK Kids office by Friday, June 19.  Please email or fax this information.  The forms can be found on the website.
  • We will begin placing teams on brackets early Saturday morning.
  • All information regarding the tournament will be posted on the website.  Please download the information (bracket, coaches' list, inclement weather policy, player eligibility protest policy) because we will not send individual packets this year.
  • Mandatory Coaches' Meeting - a representative from every team must attend the coaches' meeting.  The meeting will be held three hours prior to the start of the first game.  You should be contacted by the tournament director for your tournament.  Bring birth certificates and a copy of your roster to the meeting.  Tournament directors will have official rosters that were sent to the OK KIds office by June 1.  These rosters are considered the official roster.  We will not allow any team to add players to them at this time.

OK Kids Baseball Regional Tournament Information

  • The brackets for regional tournaments will be posted Saturday, June 27.
  • All qualifying teams and at-large teams must be reported by Friday, June 26.  Please email or fax this information using the forms found on the website.
  • You may request a regional location.  Please make your request by email to the OK Kids office and include the following information:  Age group, league name, team name, and coach.  It is helpful if you list more than one choice.  We will do all we can to place your team at the location requested.  The OK Kids Baseball email address is:
  • If your team does not plan to attend please contact your league representative prior to the submission of league qualifiers so another team can be allowed the opportunity.  Problems are created for tournaments when teams fail to attend once they have been placed on a bracket.
  • We will not send individual coaches' packets this year.  Coaches must download all the information from our website.
  • You should be contacted by your tournament director to veryify information such as team name, contact information, etc.
  • Mandatory Coaches' Meeting - each team must have a representative from their team attend the coaches' meeting.  The meeting will be held three hours prior to the start of the first game.  Bring birth certificates and rosters to the meeting.  The tournament directors have the official rosters sent by your league to the OK Kids office by June 1.  These are the official rosters and we will not allow any player to be added at this time.


Roster Deadline June 1

The deadline to submit rosters to the OK Kids office is June 1.  League representatives are responsible for sending all league applications, team rosters, and player release forms to the OK Kids office by this deadline. Please do not fax them.  If you have questions regarding this process and amount of league fees due, please do not hesitate to contact the OK Kids office.

Baseball Coaches

It is your responsibility to make sure your rosters are correct and completed in full - name, birthdate, physical address, school attended.  If you have corrections, this must be done by June 1 - no exceptions.  The corrections must be done through your league representative - I cannot accept changes from coaches directly.  The hardest part of this job is telling a player that they are not eligible to play because they were left off of a roster.  You must also make sure that the player release forms are attached to your roster.  If a player's eligibility is protested, the player's eligibility will be determined using the forms submitted with rosters.  Please do not send birth certificates.  You will need those when you attend Regional and State Tournaments.

Softball Coaches

You may participate in the State Softball Tournament if you are not a member of a league.  However, you must submit your roster with $100 to the OK Kids office by June 1.  The OK Kids player eligibility rule is in effect for softball teams.

OK Kids Baseball Association, Inc.

The purpose of this organization is to promote the playing of amateur baseball and softball, to coordinate and standardize the activities of various organized leagues and to develop future citizens with the proper attitude toward life.

If you have questions regarding any OK Kids rule please feel free to contact the OK Kids office by phone or email.  The OK Kids email address is:

If you would like a tournament posted on the website, please email the information to the OK Kids office.  It will be posted as soon as possible.


Sallisaw June 27

 Sallisaw Coach Pitch Regional Preview Tournament 

It is June 27, and will be played at the Sallisaw High School Softball and Baseball fields.  Can contact Randon Lowe at 918-360-6670.

Who’s Coming:

Spiro Firedogs

Spiro Cardinals

Spiro Shockers

Stilwell Bombers

Sallisaw Black Diamonds

Muldrow Avengers

Heavener Blues

Age Group: