Roster Deadline

Roster information

  • The deadline is June 1 -  no exceptions
  • No changes will be allowed after this date
  • Must be on official OK Kids roster form - the form is on the website and may be printed and completed or you may type the information on the form and then print
  • Must be mailed not faxed
  • Must be submitted by your league representative
  • Each league is allowed 1 automatic qualifier for every 4 rosters submitted per age group

Coaches:  It is your responsibility to make sure the roster is completed fully and accurately.  Double-check to make sure that you have included every player, birthdate, physical address, and school.  It is very difficult to explain to a parent that their child was left off of a roster and is ineligible to play in the regional or state tournament.  Unfortunately, we have had to make that decision.  It is your responsibility to have your roster to your league representative in time for them to send it to the OK Kids office by June 1.

League Representatives:  It is your responsibility to send rosters, player releases attached to the appropriate roster, league applications, and league dues by June 1.  Please mail the rosters - do not fax them.  The printer in the office cannot handle the magnitude of paperwork that each league needs to send.  Do not send birth certificates or player contract cards.  If you have questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact the OK Kids office and I will assist you in getting the information submitted correctly.  

Regional and State Tournament Sites

OK Kids appreciates the interest shown in hosting regional and state tournaments.  After much thought and consideration, the baseball and softball playoff sites have been determined.  The sites are listed under the playoff tabs.  Confirmation letters will be sent this week to the individuals who requested a tournament.  If your town was chosen as a host site, please email the OK Kids office at and the information can be sent through an email.  Each site will be allowed one host team for the tournament and should be chosen by you.  Please list the team and coach on the confirmation letter.  Head coaches of a participating team cannot be the tournament director.  The deadline for confirmation is June 3.

Rule Changes Effective 2016


  • 12U Pitching Distance - pitching distance will be 40 feet 
  • 12U Innings Played - games will consiste of 5 innings 
  • Player Releases - Teams will be allowed 5 players who require releases (2017 teams will be allowed 3 players requiring releases)


  • Player Releases - Teams will be allowed 5 players who require releases (2017 teams will be allowed 3 players requiring releases)

Reporting Dates

  • Preliminary League Application - April 1
  • Baseball and Softball Regional and State Tournament Requests and Bids - May 10
  • Baseball and Softball League Application with rosters - June 1
  • Softball Qualifier Reporting Date - June 17
  • Baseball Qualifier Reporting Date - June 24
  • State Softball Tournaments - June 23-26
  • Baseball Regional Tournaments - July 5-9
  • Baseball State Tournaments - July 12-16


OK Kids Baseball Association, Inc.

The purpose of this organization is to promote the playing of amateur baseball and softball, to coordinate and standardize the activities of various organized leagues and to develop future citizens with the proper attitude toward life.

If you have questions regarding any OK Kids rule please feel free to contact the OK Kids office by phone or email.  The OK Kids email address is:

If you would like a tournament posted on the website, please email the information to the OK Kids office.  It will be posted as soon as possible.


Bristow June 25-26

I'm reaching out to any 8u baseball teams that would be interested
in participating in a June 25-26 tournament in Bristow.  

Rings will be awarded to first and second place teams.  

We will have 4 fields available.

Homerun Derby

Hosted by Bristow High School Baseball

Contact Jason 918-527-3271


Age Group: