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2021 Team Registration - March 8

The team registration link should be available by March 8.  Before you begin the registration process you will need the following information:

1.  League Name

2.  Name and Contact information of League President

3.  Team Name

4.  Name of Head Coach

5.  Head Coach contact information

6.  All necessary information for each player (Legal name, birthdate, physical address, school)

7.  Credit card to pay $25 registration fee.  (The board voted to collect the fees from each team when the register beginning in 2021)

Rule Changes for 2021


OK Kids Changes for 2021

The following changes were made at the Board of Directors Meeting and the Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 31, 2021.

All team registrations must be made on-line and a fee of $25.00 per team submitted at the time of registration.  Leagues will no longer pay league dues to OK Kids as the team dues will cover the previous league dues.  The $25.00 fee is non-refundable if the team folds.

Bids are now required to host the Softball State Tournaments in the 8U, 10U and 12U age groups.  The maximum bid is $2,000.00. 

The 15u Junior High Baseball (formerly Preps) State Tournament will be held the week of June 21-27.  The actual dates will be determined by the participating teams.

The championship format for the State Baseball Tournaments has been changed.  Both the winner and runner-up of each bracket will advance to a four-team single elimination tournament Championship Bracket.  Last year, the two bracket winners played a two-of-three championship series.

Releases are no longer required for players that are not eligible for a team under the school or residence rule.  To be eligible for a team, a player must play for a team where he/she attends school or a team nearest his/her residence.  That part of the rule stays the same.  However, instead of being allowed three players requiring releases, a team may have up to three “at large” players that do not meet the school/residence rule.  The “at large” players do not require releases as in the past, but they must reside in the county of the team or a contiguous county.  In other words, the “at large” players do not need a release, but they must come from the team’s county or an adjoining county.

Teams may register with OK Kids and be eligible for the playoffs if their league does not play this season due to COVID.  This is the same procedure used last year.  However, if a team’s league does play this season, the team must be a member of that league and cannot just register without playing in their available league.

Items Tabled Until 2022

Any changes in the pitching distance for 10U and 12U baseball were tabled until 2022.  The Board of Directors will receive input and address any possible changes again next year.

Points of Emphasis for 2021

Teams should have enough players on its roster to be able to play in the playoffs in July, even if player(s) are injured or leave the team.  In the past for example, teams have rostered only 10 players, but at playoff time one has a broken arm and one is on vacation, leaving the team with only eight players and unable to play.

Leagues must notify the OK Kids office of their league officers so we have a contact person we can reach.

Gary D. Rader Volunteer Award

Phil Wilkerson of Coalgate was selected at the Gary D. Rader Volunteer Award recipient.


Baseball State Champions


T-Ball:  Champion Stilwell Legends

                  Runner-Up Purcell Legends


Coach Pitch:  Champion Shawnee PC Naturals

                              Runner-Up Stigler Bullets


10U:  Champion Stigler Spartans

           Runner-Up McAlester Buffaloes


12U:  Champion Sallisaw Drillers

           Runner-Up Dibble

Softball State Champions

8U -  Champion - Red Oak Lady Eagles

           Runner-Up - Talihina Tigers


10U - Champion - Merritt

            Runner-Up - Mangum


12U -  Champion - Silo Lady Rebels

             Runner-Up - Keota Lady Lions


14U - Champion Mooreland

May 11- OK Kids Baseball/Softball Guidelines for 2020 Season

Guidelines for the 2020 OK Kids Baseball Association Season

May 11, 2020

OK Kids intends to play the 2020 baseball and softball seasons, as outlined below, if conditions allow.  This decision is based upon Oklahoma’s “Open Up and Recover Safely” plan published on April 22, 2020.  Phase 2 of the plan, effective May 15, states that “organized sports activities can reopen and operate under proper social distancing and sanitation protocols.”  Phase 3 of the plan, proposed for June 1, states that summer camps (church and school) can open. 

The safety, health and well-being of all of our participants, players, coaches, umpires, parents, guardians and volunteers, is our top priority.  OK Kids understands the need to return to a sense of normal life, therefore we are hopeful to play this season.  To assist us in accomplishing this, we have reviewed guidelines and decisions of USSSA, Little League Baseball, Babe Ruth League, Pony League Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball among others.  While many of these organizations have canceled their national and international tournaments, they are planning on proceeding with regular league play and some state tournaments. 

  1.  Neither OK Kids nor any governmental or health authority can guarantee the safety of any participant in baseball or softball.  Each individual parent and/or guardian must self-determine if they feel it is safe for their child and/or themselves to participate in the 2020 season.  All participants are acknowledging that they knowingly and freely assume all risks.
  2. Any team, local organization or league participating in the 2020 season must follow all local, state and federal governmental and health guidelines to participate.  If your local community says that you can’t play baseball or softball this summer, then you can’t participate in OK Kids.
  3. To repeat, if you don’t believe it’s safe to play this summer or if your community will not allow play this summer, you cannot participate in OK Kids in 2020.
  4. If you choose to play and are allowed to play in your community, here are some guidelines to follow.  (This list is not all inclusive and several more safety measures could be implemented.)
  1. Follow all health and sanitation guidelines for facilities and events.
  2. Create social distancing with designated seating areas.
  3. Eliminate personal contact such as handshaking and high fives.
  4. Have each team provide balls for their team to pitch and field.
  5. Discontinue the use of team water coolers.  Require each player to have a personal water bottle.
  6. Minimize contact during the exchange of lineups and the home plate pre-game meeting.  Limit the meeting to coaches and umpires only with no players.
  7. Spread out the dugout seating.  If necessary have players sit outside the field.  Do not compromise player safety, though.
  8. Have antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer available at all times.
  9. Allow players, coaches and umpires to wear personal protective equipment, such as masks, at all times.
  10. Clean and sanitize dugouts regularly.
  11. Adjust playing times to allow more times between games in order to reduce the number of people at a facility at any one time.
  12. Discourage the practice of sharing equipment.
  13. Limit person-to-person contact as much as possible.
  14. Display signage to promote social distancing and healthy practices.
  1. Individual leagues can determine how to conduct their 2020 regular season.  For example, a league can eliminate regular season league play and only have a league tournament to determine its playoff qualifiers
  2. If a league decides to not participate in the 2020 season, individual teams can register with OK Kids as “At Large” teams.  These teams must follow all OK Kids guidelines.  OK Kids reserves the right to accept or deny any team applying for “At Large” status.
  3. Rescheduled 2020 Dates
  1. June 1 (Monday)…Registration is due.  Requests to host Regional Tournaments and bids to host State Tournaments are also due by this date.
  2. July 3 (Friday)…Playoff qualifiers reported to OK Kids. 
  3. July 6-7-8 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)…Playoff tournament assignments and brackets will be determined.  They will be released no later than Thursday, July 9.
  4. July 13-18…Regional Tournaments for Baseball and Tee Ball and State Tournaments for Softball will be held this week.
  5. July 20-25…State Tournaments for baseball and Tee Ball will be held this week.

If OK Kids determines that conditions are not safe for play in 2020, OK Kids reserves the right to cancel the season at any time.  Additionally, if OK Kids determines that the participation in any particular age group is so small as to create a financial hardship for OK Kids, then we reserve the right to cancel the playoffs for that particular age

Team Registration

The link for team registration is located below.   Registration should be completed before teams play a league game.  Changes to rosters are allowed until midnight on May 1.

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

2021 Play-Off Dates

Baseball and Softball Team Registration - by 1st league game

League Registration - April 1

Baseball and Softball Roster Changes - May 1

Regional and State Tournament Bids - May 10

Softball Qualifier Reporting Date - June 19

Softball State Tournament - June 23-27

Baseball and T-Ball Reporting Date - June 26

T-Ball Playoff Dates:  Regional July 1-3; State July 8-10

Prep (15U) State Tournament - June 28-July 2

Baseball Regionals - July 5-10

Baseball State - July 13-17

OK Kids Baseball Association, Inc.

The purpose of this organization is to promote the playing of amateur baseball and softball, to coordinate and standardize the activities of various organized leagues and to develop future citizens with the proper attitude toward life.

If you have questions regarding any OK Kids rule please feel free to contact the OK Kids office by phone or email.  The OK Kids email address is:

If you would like a tournament posted on the website, please email the information to the OK Kids office.  It will be posted as soon as possible.

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