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Online Registration Available Soon

OK Kids Baseball has been working with our web designers to offer online registration for leagues.  We have some guidelines that each league must follow if you use the online registration.  These guidelines include:

1.  Every team in the league must register - basically, your league is either all in or all out.

2.  Coaches will be responsible for registering their own team in the correct league.

3.  League representatives will be required to verify every team that has registered online.

4.  A representative from any league who wishes to register online should notify the OK Kids office by email and receive further instruction.

5.  There will not be any cost for online league registration.  However, there are more services offered for your leagues by our web designer at cost to each individual league.

T-Ball Rule Clarifications

We have received several calls regarding t-ball rules, bats, and balls.  Many of our rules are based on safety for our youngest players.  We will evaluate these rules at the end of the season and make changes as necessary.  Listed below are some clarifications regarding these items:

1.  The ball that will be used for Regional and State tournaments will be Rawlings Official T-Ball.

2.  The bats used at this level must be t-ball based and labeled as such by the manufacturer.  If you have purchased a bat that is not designated for t-ball please email the OK Kids office with the size, weight, brand, bat name, etc. for approval.  The email address is

3.  Due to early response we will be hosting Regional tournaments June 28-30.  State tournaments will be held July 5-7.

4.  The rule regarding not having a coach at the plate is an attempt to speed up the game.  The umpire will be in charge of placing the ball on the tee during the Regional and State Tournaments.  However, if you feel like during league play that having a coach behind the plate is necessary you may do so.  Keep in mind that they will NOT be permitted to assist batters behind the plate at the Regional and State tournaments.


OK Kids will follow the same bat rule for 2018 that was used in 2017.  We will implement the USA Baseball bat regulations beginning with the 2019 season.

2018 T-Ball Rules Posted

The rules adopted by OK Kids for the T-Ball division are posted on the home page and under the Resources tab.

On-Line Registration Coming 2018

On-line registration of teams and leagues will be available this spring.  League Representatives should contact the OK Kids office for further instruction.

    2017 OK Kids State Champions!

    Coach Pitch

    Champions - Stillwater A's
    Runner-Up - Red Oak Eagles


    Champions - Spiro Cardinals
    Runner-Up - Tupelo Tigers


    Champions - Sallisaw Cardinals
    Runner-Up - Canute Trojans

    Team Pictures

    Coach Pitch Regional Champions and Runner-Up team pictures will be posted if you email them to:

    Peewee and Midget Regional Champion team pictures will be posted if you email them to:

    OK Kids Baseball Association, Inc.

    The purpose of this organization is to promote the playing of amateur baseball and softball, to coordinate and standardize the activities of various organized leagues and to develop future citizens with the proper attitude toward life.

    If you have questions regarding any OK Kids rule please feel free to contact the OK Kids office by phone or email.  The OK Kids email address is:

    If you would like a tournament posted on the website, please email the information to the OK Kids office.  It will be posted as soon as possible.

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