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New Rules Beginning 2020 Season

1.  Rule V - Eligibility of Players, Paragraph 4 will state:  "When a league plays all of its games at one location (e.g. field or complex) a player must play with a team from the school he attends or with a team representing the school closest to his residence."

2.  Rule III - Membership:  Team rosters must be submitted on-line before beginning league play.  The deadline for making changes to the roster is May 1.  Roster will not be accepted after this date.

3.  Protest of player eligibility during Regional and State Tournaments:  Protest of player eligibility during Regional and State Tournaments must be done during the three hour period from the start of the coaches meeting until the scheduled start of a Regional or State Tournaments.  Rosters will made available to the Head Coach upon request to the tournament director.

4.  During Coach Pitch games, the Coach Pitcher may not talk to players while in fair territory.  During Regional and State Tournaments this rule will be strictly enforced.

5.  OK Kids Baseball Association strongly encourages each league to establish a method of conducting Background Checks on all adult participants.

6.  10U (PW) and 12U(Midget) State Tournaments will be expanded to include 16 teams.  Each Regional Champion and Runner-Up will advance to the State Tournament.  The host town will be allowed to have two teams in the tournament.


Important Dates 2020

1.  On-Line Registration Opens - March 1

2.  Deadline to complete roster - May 1

3.  Softball Reporting Date - Saturday, June 20

4.  State Softball Tournament - June 24 - 28 (Wed. - Sunday)

5.  Baseball and Tee Ball Reporting Date - Saturday, June 27

6.  Tee Ball Regionals - July 1 - 3

7.  Tee Ball State Tournament - July 9 - 11

8.  State Prep Tournament - June 27 - 30

9.  Regional Baseball Dates - July 6 - 11

10.  State Baseball Dates - July 14 - 18

Congratulations State Softball Champion & Runner-Up


Champion - McAlester Peaches

Runner-Up - Leedey Lady Bisons


Champion - Silo Lady Rebels

Runner-Up - Elk City Fury


Champion - Maysville

Runner-Up - Davis Chaos


Champion - Coalgate Lady Wildcats

Runner-Up - Tupelo Lady Tigers

Team pictures are posted on the individual tournament pages.  If your team picture has not been posted, please email a picture to

Team Registration - On-Line will open March 1

1.  Teams must register on-line.  Paper copies of rosters will not be accepted this year.

2.  On-line Registration will be open March 1.

3.  The deadline to make changes to a team roster is MAY 1.  This deadline is replacing the June 1 date.

4.  Teams must be registered with OK Kids before the beginning of league play.



OK Kids Baseball Association, Inc.

The purpose of this organization is to promote the playing of amateur baseball and softball, to coordinate and standardize the activities of various organized leagues and to develop future citizens with the proper attitude toward life.

If you have questions regarding any OK Kids rule please feel free to contact the OK Kids office by phone or email.  The OK Kids email address is:

If you would like a tournament posted on the website, please email the information to the OK Kids office.  It will be posted as soon as possible.

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