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2018 Rule Changes and Dates

By admin., 04/04/17, 9:30PM CDT


1.  The Prep pitching rule will remain the same as 2017 rule.

2.  OK Kids adopted the USA Baseball bat regulation.  Rule clarification and implementation will be announced this week.

3.  State championship and Runner-Up teams will receive state rings in place of trophies.  Team trophies will also be awarded to state champions and runner-up team.

4.  The age cut-off date will remain December 31 - player must play in age group according to player's age on January 1.

5.  Teams are allowed only three player releases.

6.  Coach Pitch champion and runner-up teams will continue to advance to the state tournament.  

7.  On-line registration will be available in 2018.  League representatives should contact the OK Kids office for instruction.

8.  Prep State tournament will continue to be held in 2018.

9.  State Softball sites are not required to bid on hosting these tournaments at this time.

10.  Softball teams that are not members of OK Kids may continue to participate in OK Kids State Softball Tournaments provided rosters and at-large forms are submitted properly.

11.  The number of OK Kids teams remained steady in 2017.

12.  OK Kids adopted a t-ball division beginning 2018.  Rules and regulations will be posted soon.

13.  Point of Emphasis - players may be on only one roster.  Players are not allowed to be on a baseball roster and a softball roster or to play in more than one age group.